About N.R.M.

The biodiversity-rich India has always been in an enigmatic absence in the history of this planet. These socio-economic, cultural, and traditional subtleties of this country that are considered to be marginal, have mostly not engrossed the kind of attention that they should have. However, time is changing and its status as terra incognita is also changing. Several pieces of literature from diverse disciplines have started highlighting its environmental significance and associated diverse challenges. This unexplored melting pot of biological and natural resources-rich country has now drawn significant attention in legal literature as well but the dearth still remains. To fill this gap, the first National Law University of North-East India will be aiming to publish a scholastic book, highlighting some of the existing and emerging challenges pertaining to the enviro-legal aspects of the management and sustainable utilization of its natural and biological resources.

It will be a great service and satisfaction as jurists, academicians, law practitioners, research scholars and students if you could contribute chapters for this initiative. The call for book chapters is attached herewith. The proposed book will be published by a renowned international or national publisher with ISBN in the year 2023.

Call for Chapters