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“The Lost Stories, NLUJA Assam,” the literary magazine of National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. This magazine is a labor of love, compiled by the dedicated efforts of the Literary and Debating Committee NLUJA Assam and the Lost Stories Editorial Board, showcasing the incredible talent of aspiring writers from several universities across India.

'Lost Stories' plays a crucial role in unlocking students' creativity. By providing a dedicated space for artistic expression, it liberates students from the constraints of their legal studies. Through themed prompts and various art forms, it encourages them to venture into uncharted imaginative territories. Having their work published fosters confidence and a sense of community, ultimately enriching their personal development and the cultural vibrancy of the institution. Through this magazine, students have found a platform to share their thoughts, emotions, and perspectives with a wider audience. The vivid array of stories, poems, essays, and artwork illuminates the diverse minds and experiences of the young talent within the legal community. It is a celebration of their unique voices and a testament to the power of creativity in fostering a well-rounded and empathetic legal education.


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