Vice Chancellor of NLUJA

Vice-Chancellor of NLUJA Assam

Prof. (Dr.) V. K. Ahuja


Educational institutes are instruments of social change and agents for realization of collective aspiration. Nestled in the serene suburbia of Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, National Law University and Judicial Academy (NLUJAA), Assam exudes the lofty aspiration of its founders and that of the people of Assam to establish a premier legal institution that would disseminate leading-edge legal knowledge and promote ingenious legal research in the NE Region. In the last nine years of its existence, NLUJA, Assam has steadily progressed on its journey towards realization of the aspiration with which it was founded and has carved its niche in the academic firmament of the country. However, the quest for excellence is continual and unceasing.

It is my proud privilege to take over the helm of the University, at a time when it is poised to take on the greater heights of excellence. I hope that together with my team of academicians, students and administrators of the University, we make the most fulfilling and productive journey of our professional lives.

NE India has a rich cultural heritage, which merits an exploration from socio-legal perspective. Traditional Knowledge and Customary Laws, along with sundry other issues of regional relevance, provide a rich terrain for academic research. It is my coveted mission to lead the vibrant faculty members and the talented students of the University towards an in-depth exploration of the unique cultural repository of the region, through the lens of legal studies and research; thereby, fulfilling my cherished goal of serving the NE region in earnest.

With the exponential transformation of education brought forth by several academic reforms enacted over time, the opportunities and challenges before legal educational institutes are myriad. If the opportunities strewn on our path are tapped efficaciously, all challenges could be surmounted and the University would be able to make a decisive journey towards establishing itself amongst the premier law institutes of the country.

I urge upon all members of the NLUJA, Assam - faculty members, students and administrators- and the beloved people of Assam whom I consider an integral  part of the University fraternity, to join forces with my humble effort to take the University to the unplumbed heights of academic distinction.