Vision and Objectives


National Law University and Judicial Academy Assam is committed to inculcate academic excellence for preparing leaders of law who shape the country by their knowledge, wisdom, discovery, and creativity. We are also committed to provide an inclusive environment on its campus to students where academic distinction is celebrated, ideas are born and leaders are made to nurturing an academic culture that endeavors for excellence and aims at honing its students as leaders who would potentially contribute to the nation's growth by dint of their knowledge, sagacity, ingenuity and spirit of inquiry. Further, the University is committed to cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates plurality and leverages on the creative potential of diversity. The University strives for a distinctive niche in the academic firmament of the country as a forbearer of creative ideation and leadership development.

Objectives :

The mission of National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam is:

  • To maintain a tradition of intellectual and professional excellence by way of providing an excellent legal education to its students for becoming future leaders of the society,
  • to combine innovative teaching practices with individual focus and attention to each and every student, ensuring that every student acquire knowledge, skills and values which are needed to hone their professional acumenship.
  • to strive continually to build a strong culture of service among faculty members, students and administrative staff who would be inspired to give back to the society and contribute towards the enhancement and strengthening of the legal system and rule of law at all levels,
  • to remain committed to institutional inclusiveness and cultivate an academic environment conducive to the diverse cultural heritage of the country and respect the diversity of our community and its member,
  • to consistently strive to emerge as leader in the domain of legal education by way of creating forward thinking curriculum and producing significant research output to improve legal education, create internationally recognized leaders through research, innovation and practice of law,
  • to make a path and practice of administrative excellence through acceptance of friendly administrative experience to all stake holders,
  • to empower scholars to assist in promoting them and imparting systematic and suitable reforms in law for the progress of realm.