About Us

The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam (NLUJAA) has been established by the Government of Assam by way of enactment of the National Law School and Judicial Academy, Assam Act, 2009 (Assam Act No. XXV of 2009). The word 'School' was replaced by the word 'University' by amending the National Law School and Judicial Academy, Assam (Amendment) Act, 2012. The Hon'ble Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court is the Chancellor of the University. NLUJAA promotes and makes available modern legal education and research facilities to students and scholars drawn from across the country, including the North East, coming from different socio-economic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.


Organisational Structure of NLUJA


NLUJA, Assam was the first NLU to have been established in the North Eastern Region of India with the view to promoting exemplar legal education that deconstructs the trends of provincialization and reaches out for global standards. In keeping with the stated vision, NLUJA, Assam since its inception, has endeavoured to provide cutting edge legal education which addresses both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the discipline. The UG and PG curriculum designed by the University is a progressive approach to legal studies that not only consolidates the fundamentals but also stretches beyond to explore interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary trajectories. Further, the curriculum provides an array of optional and specialization papers in order that students can explore the varied facets of the discipline. The pedagogy is bolstered by inputs from invited resource persons, from variegated disciplines – national as well as international, thereby enriching the learning experience of students. The thrust on Seminar Papers, Project Works and Dissertations cultivates the students’ acumen for legal writing grounded on their lived experiences and practical engagement with legal issues. The evaluation schema is also ground breaking, as far as NE India is concerned. Continual evaluation of 200 marks has been incorporated. Active learning strategies are duly incorporated and evaluated. Value/Skill based multidisciplinary courses, a unique feature, adds to the diversity and richness of the curriculum.

The University encourages ICT enabled pedagogy, which is supported by smart classrooms and other digital facilities such as online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, multimedia resources, and collaborative tools to engage students in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The goal is to leverage technology to facilitate effective communication, streamline content delivery, and provide students with opportunities for interactive and personalized learning experiences.

As far as mooting culture is concerned, NE India lagged behind; however, NLUJA, Assam has created a vibrant mooting environment for the region. Three (03) Moot Court Exercises are conducted under the aegis of the University, one at the University level, one at the regional level and one at the national level thereby promulgating the spirit and practice of mooting in the entire NE Region. Mooting hones and chisels the students’ acumen for advocacy and litigation and to encourage students’ participation in moot court exercises the University provides financial assistance to students participating in such activities. Moot Court Exercises are also integrated into the curriculum and duly evaluated.

NLUJA, Assam by dint of its academic activities has marked its presence in the region as a hub of legal knowledge and has effectively forged ties with government and non-government such as UNICEF, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Oil India Limited, National Commission for Women for the purpose of training, capacity building, consultation, action research etc. Further, collaboration with renowned universities and academic fora has added vibrancy and dynamism to NLUJA, Assam academia. Through strategic partnerships with other Universities and organizations, NLUJA, Assam has gained access to diverse resources, expertise, and opportunities that enriches its academic programs. Collaborations with potential for joint research initiatives, exchange programs, faculty development, and shared resources have broadened the academic horizons for both students and faculty, exposing them to different perspectives, methodologies, and areas of expertise. Additionally, partnerships with organizations have facilitated real-world insights and practical applications of legal education. These collaborations have also culminated in joint conferences, seminars, and workshops, fostering a culture of continuous learning and intellectual exchange.

Hallmark of a vibrant academia is its publication; accordingly, the University engages in scholarly publications to contribute to legal research, promote academic discourse, and share knowledge within the legal community. These publications include journals, books, research papers, newsletter etc. The publications of the University showcase the intellectual contributions of its faculty, researchers, and students. These publications cover a wide range of legal topics, including but not limited to emerging areas in the field of law as well as multidisciplinary areas. Journals affiliated with NLUJA, Assam serve as platforms for legal scholars to publish their research, providing insights into contemporary legal issues and contributing to the academic growth of the institution. Additionally, the University encourages students to participate in the publication process, promoting a culture of research and academic excellence. My academic publications of the University are focused on NE India, thereby, enriching the canon of literature on the region.

While focusing on raising the standard of academics, NLUJA, Assam has endeavoured to spread the light of knowledge it has curated with the less privileged through outreach activities conducted under the auspices of its Legal Aid Cell, Pro Bono Club, NSS, IPR Chair etc. Further, the University has established its repute as a student friendly system by dint of the financial incentives the same provides for students’ participation in academic activities such as moot court exercises, seminars/conferences/workshops as also through its Merit cum Means Scholarship, whereby it doles out INR 10,00,000/ per annum out of its humble resources.

NLUJA, Assam has thus striven to work steadily towards fulfilling its vision of delivering quality legal education embedded in social values; thereby, providing the aspirant of NE India with an exposure to leading-edge legal education while contributing towards building a robust citizenry for the nation.