Ph.D. Ordinances

  1. National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam shall award the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) to a candidate who has successfully completed the required course work and the stipulated program of research in the University.
  2. The Academic Council (AC) of the University formulates the program of research with the governing rules and regulations. The AC can modify or change the structure, the governing rules and regulations from time to time.
  3. A candidate to be awarded the Ph.D. degree has to submit a thesis embodying the findings of his/her research carried out under this program .The thesis should be a record of an original contribution of high quality to the advancement of knowledge as judged by experts in the relevant area.
  4. A candidate shall become eligible for the award of Ph. D degree after fulfilling the academic requirements prescribed in the Ph.D. Regulations of this University.
  5. The Executive Council and General Council of the University shall approve the award upon the recommendation of the Executive Council and the Academic Council.
  6. In the case of any controversy in the BET or ODEC report, the decision of the AC shall be final and binding.
  7. The Ph.D. degree shall be awarded in the discipline of the department in which the student registers for Ph.D. program.