University Hostel

  • Total Area
    5160 square metre
  • Plinth Area
    1210 square metre
  • Floors
    G + 5
  • Bed Capacity
  • Year Completed
  • Disabled-Friendly

There are two hostels one for boys and the other for girls, with single and double occupancy, with smokeless kitchen, spacious dining area, reading hall, gymnasium, yoga , prayer hall and library room, etc. In order to facilitate the overall growth of its students, the University has developed a congenial and homely atmosphere in its residential campus. The students belonging to different cultural backgrounds amalgamate to bring forth a sense of unity even while retaining their diversity thereby presenting a true picture of the saying, “Unity in Diversity”. This also facilitates the propagation of innovative scholastic ideas.


To ensure uninterrupted power supply, the hostels have their own generators. The Law University believes in the maxim that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that is why it has recently set up two state-of–the-art gymnasiums, one for the boys and one for the girls. The University has provided male and female security to guard the hostels.


To maintain the sanctity of the academic atmosphere of the hostels ragging, smoking, consumption of alcohol and any kind of vandalism are strictly prohibited within the hostel premises. The Law University ensures that the students adhere to its disciplinary requirements and code of conduct. The students must also identify a local guardian who can be contacted in case of any emergency. The residents are not permitted to leave the campus without permission and they are not allowed to stay outside their Halls of Residence after the specified hours.


The students are provided with clean and furnished rooms with a bed, a table, a chair, and a cupboard each. The hostels have a Common-Room each, equipped with LCD television having Dish connectivity, indoor games facilities. There is also a 24 hour hot and cold water facility in each of the hostels.


There is a well-furnished Dining-Hall for the residents of the Hostels, and the Mess Committee of the Law University reviews the quality of food on a regular basis. The entire campus and all the hostels have both LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Law University pays special attention to hygiene and sanitation and the Housekeeping Staff provides regular morning and afternoon services.


To ensure the sound health of the students, the hostels have proper arrangements of primary first-aid, and in case of any medical emergency, the University has arranged the assistance of the doctors of a nearby Nursing Home. One Part-time Medical Practitioners has been already been appointed for the residents. The Wardens stay in the campus and the students are free to approach any of the Wardens regarding any problem, inconvenience, ill health etc.


A Counselling Centre has been established to provide holistic support to the students by an experienced counsellor to address issues relating to academic and non-academic stress and anxiety, and to foster positive behaviour and personality development. The University provides suitable infrastructural facilities for Specially Abled Persons in all its buildings.