National Law University and Judicial Academy Assam, Guwahati is a young and vibrant National Law University striving to provide quality legal education to the incumbents with an avowed objective of building a very committed, patriotic and value and (justice) Nyaya oriented law graduates and post graduates who will put service before self to transform India into an equalitarian egalitarian democratic republic with particular focus on the north eastern states. This mandates the university to update the curricula and pedagogy from time to time and hone professional skills through moots, debates, mock trials, internships, study circles, workshops, seminars, conferences and symposia in the cutting edge knowledge in law and justice system.

The University is building its broad perspective of study of law in India with the awareness of distortions and engage in reorienting the legality on the basis of undistorted Indian experiences. A comprehensive heuristics for study and research in national and global domain of legal knowledge is under construction. Contemporary ICT tools and techniques such as A-VIEW, text to speech readers, book reading software, and e-moot court are incorporated into the system of learning to make education qualitative.
The University has eighteen study and research centers in which Child Rights Center is conducting many events in collaboration with UNICEF. Center for Environment Law is launching online certificate course on environment law and also building international collaboration. Other centers have commenced their activities with new orientation.

World Bank funded Project of Inland Water Transport Management of the Government of Assam is being facilitated by the a team researchers of NLUJAA by drafting the Inland Water Transport Regulatory Authority Act and Memorandum and Articles of Association to establish two companies to manage Ports and Vessels. UNDP funded Action Research Project on Biodiversity is sanctioned to one of the Faculty with the intervention of NLSIU, Bengaluru. Faculty is busy in developing research and consultancy projects in many cutting edge areas of law.

The University has shifted to the new campus situated in a beautiful land scape facing Brahmaputra River in a sprawling 50 acres of land. Academic Bloc, Administrative Bloc, Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels with excellent modern facilities are made available by a generous grant of the Government of Assam. Construction of Library Building and Group C and D apartments is completed. Second phase of construction of buildings is taken up with the approval and financial assistance of Rs. 46 crore by the Government of Assam. In this phase 300 bed student hostel, VC residence and Teachers apartment will be constructed.

As every university is identified by its unique features, NLUJAA will, in the course of its journey, be identified as a center of legality for the north east at its core and nationalism at its rim and globalism at its cosmic level. I call upon all the members of NLUJAA family in particular, people of Assam and of the country as a whole to provide inputs in attaining these dreams and make this young institution a national pride.