Fee Structure for B.A.,LL.B. (Hons.), Five-Year Integrated course


1 Tuition Fee INR 75,000.00 (Per Annum)
2 Admission Fee INR 5,000.00 (One Time)
3 Examinations Fee INR 6,000.00 (Per Annum)
4 Campus Development Fund INR 5,000.00 (Per Annum)
5 Library Fee INR 5,000.00 (Per Annum)
6 Internet Services Fee INR 8,000.00 (Per Annum)
7 Journals Fee INR 2,500.00 (Per Annum)
8 Internship Placement Fee INR 5,000.00 (Per Annum)
9 Student Welfare Fund INR 5,000.00 (Per Annum)
10 Moot Court Fee INR 5,000.00 (Per Annum)
11 Student Bar Association Fee INR 2,500.00 (One Time)
12 Hostel Rent and Amenities Fee INR 30,000.00 (Per Annum)
13 Mess Fee INR 40,000.00 (Actual Expenses)
14 * Refundable Library Deposit INR 10,000.00 (One time)
Hostel Deposit INR 10,000.00 (One time)
Mess Deposit INR 10,000.00 (One time)
Total INR 2,24,000.00
(Rupees Two Lakh Twenty Four Thousand Only)


The University shall prescribe from time to time the fees chargeable for the courses, admission fees, developmental fees, residential charges, and other fees/charges payable by the students. The fees-structure is subject to change and such changes shall be notified in the website.

* While refunding the fee, a sum of Rs.10,000/- shall be deducted towards the Alumni Association Fee.